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Japanese Translation
-Last Modify:2004/09/01
+Last Modify:2004/09/02
Mitsuhiro Yoshida(
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+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
+<title>Moodle Docs: 特徴</title>
+<link rel="stylesheet" href="docstyles.css" type="TEXT/CSS">
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=EUC-JP">
+<body bgcolor="#ffffff">
+ <p>Moodleは活発に進化し続けているシステムです。このページでは、Moodleの数多くの特徴の中から幾つかを取り上げます:</p>
+ <h3>全体的なデザイン</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Promotes a social constructionist pedagogy (collaboration, activities, critical
+ reflection, etc)</li>
+ <li>Suitable for 100% online classes as well as supplementing face-to-face learning
+ </li>
+ <li>Simple, lightweight, efficient, compatible, low-tech browser interface</li>
+ <li>Easy to install on almost any platform that supports PHP. Requires only
+ one database (and can share it).</li>
+ <li>Full database abstraction supports all major brands of database (except
+ for initial table definition)</li>
+ <li>Course listing shows descriptions for every course on the server, including
+ accessibility to guests.</li>
+ <li>Courses can be categorised and searched - one Moodle site can support thousands
+ of courses</li>
+ <li>Emphasis on strong security throughout. Forms are all checked, data validated,
+ cookies encrypted etc</li>
+ <li>Most text entry areas (resources, forum postings, journal entries etc) can
+ be edited using an embedded WYSIWYG HTML editor</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >サイト管理</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Site is managed by an admin user, defined during setup</li>
+ <li>Plug-in "themes" allow the admin to customise the site colours, fonts, layout
+ etc to suit local needs</li>
+ <li>Plug-in activity modules can be added to existing Moodle installations</li>
+ <li>Plug-in language packs allow full localisation to any language. These can
+ be edited using a built-in web-based editor. Currently there are language
+ packs for over <a href="" target="_top">43
+ languages</a>.</li>
+ <li>The code is clearly-written PHP under a GPL license - easy to modify to
+ suit your needs</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >ユーザ管理</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Goals are to reduce admin involvement to a minimum, while retaining high
+ security</li>
+ <li>Supports a range of authentication mechanisms through plug-in authentication
+ modules, allowing easy integration with existing systems.</li>
+ <li>Standard email method: students can create their own login accounts. Email
+ addresses are verified by confirmation.</li>
+ <li>LDAP method: account logins can be checked against an LDAP server. Admin
+ can specify which fields to use.</li>
+ <li>IMAP, POP3, NNTP: account logins are checked against a mail or news server.
+ SSL, certificates and TLS are supported.</li>
+ <li>External database: any database containing at least two fields can be used
+ as an external authentication source.</li>
+ <li>Each person requires only one account for the whole server - each account
+ can have different access</li>
+ <li>An admin account controls the creation of courses and creates teachers by
+ assigning users to courses</li>
+ <li>A course creator account is only allowed to create courses and teach in
+ them</li>
+ <li>Teachers may have editing privileges removed so that they can't modify the
+ course (eg for part-time tutors)</li>
+ <li>Security - teachers can add an "enrolment key" to their courses to keep
+ out non-students. They can give out this key face-to-face or via personal
+ email etc</li>
+ <li>Teachers can enrol students manually if desired</li>
+ <li>Teachers can unenrol students manually if desired, otherwise they are automatically
+ unenrolled after a certain period of inactivity (set by the admin)</li>
+ <li>Students are encouraged to build an online profile including photos, description.
+ Email addresses can be protected from display if required.</li>
+ <li>Every user can specify their own timezone, and every date in Moodle is translated
+ to that timezone (eg posting dates, assignment due dates etc)</li>
+ <li>Every user can choose the language used for the Moodle interface (English,
+ French, German, Spanish, Portuguese etc)</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >コース管理</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>A full teacher has full control over all settings for a course, including
+ restricting other teachers</li>
+ <li>Choice of course formats such as by week, by topic or a discussion-focussed
+ social format</li>
+ <li>Flexible array of course activities - Forums, Journals, Quizzes, Resources,
+ Choices, Surveys, Assignments, Chats, Workshops</li>
+ <li>Recent changes to the course since the last login can be displayed on the
+ course home page - helps give sense of community</li>
+ <li>Most text entry areas (resources, forum postings, journal entries etc) can
+ be edited using an embedded WYSIWYG HTML editor</li>
+ <li>All grades for Forums, Journals, Quizzes and Assignments can be viewed on
+ one page (and downloaded as a spreadsheet file)</li>
+ <li>Full user logging and tracking - activity reports for each student are available
+ with graphs and details about each module (last access, number of times read)
+ as well as a detailed "story" of each students involvement including postings,
+ journal entries etc on one page.</li>
+ <li>Mail integration - copies of forum posts, teacher feedback etc can be mailed
+ in HTML or plain text.</li>
+ <li>Custom scales - teachers can define their own scales to be used for grading
+ forums, assignments and journals</li>
+ <li>Courses can be packaged as a single zip file using the Backup function.
+ These can be restored on any Moodle server.</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >課題モジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Assignments can be specified with a due date and a maximum grade.</li>
+ <li>Students can upload their assignments (any file format) to the server -
+ they are date-stamped.</li>
+ <li>Late assignments are allowed, but the amount of lateness is shown clearly
+ to the teacher</li>
+ <li>For each particular assignment, the whole class can be assessed (grade and
+ comment) on one page in one form.</li>
+ <li>Teacher feedback is appended to the assignment page for each student, and
+ notification is mailed out.</li>
+ <li>The teacher can choose to allow resubmission of assignments after grading
+ (for regrading)</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >チャットモジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Allows smooth, synchronous text interaction</li>
+ <li>Includes profile pictures in the chat window</li>
+ <li>Supports URLs, smilies, embedded HTML, images etc</li>
+ <li>All sessions are logged for later viewing, and these can also be made available
+ to students</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >選択モジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Like a poll. Can either be used to vote on something, or to get feedback
+ from every student (eg research consent)</li>
+ <li>Teacher sees intuitive table view of who chose what</li>
+ <li>Students can optionally be allowed to see an up-to-date graph of results</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >フォーラムモジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Different types of forums are available, such as teacher-only, course news,
+ open-to-all, and one-thread-per-user.</li>
+ <li>All postings have the authors photo attached.</li>
+ <li>Discussions can be viewed nested, flat or threaded, oldest or newest first.</li>
+ <li>Individual forums can be subscribed to by each person so that copies are
+ forwarded via email, or the teacher can force subscription for all</li>
+ <li>The teacher can choose not to allow replies (eg for an announcements-only
+ forum)</li>
+ <li>Discussion threads can be easily moved between forums by the teacher</li>
+ <li>Attached images are shown inline</li>
+ <li>If forum ratings are being used, these can be restricted to a range of dates</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >日誌モジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Journals are private between student and teacher.</li>
+ <li>Each journal entry can be directed by an open question.</li>
+ <li>For each particular journal entry, the whole class can be assessed on one
+ page in one form</li>
+ <li>Teacher feedback is appended to the journal entry page, and notification
+ is mailed out.</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >小テストモジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Teachers can define a database of questions for re-use in different quizzes</li>
+ <li>Questions can be stored in categories for easy access, and these categories
+ can be &quot;published&quot; to make them accessible from any course on the
+ site. </li>
+ <li>Quizzes are automatically graded, and can be re-graded if questions are
+ modified </li>
+ <li>Quizzes can have a limited time window outside of which they are not available</li>
+ <li>At the teacher's option, quizzes can be attempted multiple times, and can
+ show feedback and/or correct answers</li>
+ <li>Quiz questions and quiz answers can be shuffled (randomised) to reduce cheating</li>
+ <li>Questions allow HTML and images</li>
+ <li>Questions can be imported from external text files</li>
+ <li>Quizzes can be attempted multiple times, if desired</li>
+ <li>Attempts can be cumulative, if desired, and finished over several sessions</li>
+ <li>Multiple-choice questions supporting single or multiple answers</li>
+ <li>Short Answer questions (words or phrases)</li>
+ <li>True-False questions </li>
+ <li>Matching questions</li>
+ <li>Random questions</li>
+ <li>Numerical questions (with allowable ranges)</li>
+ <li>Embedded-answer questions (cloze style) with answers within passages of
+ text </li>
+ <li>Embedded descriptive text and graphics</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >リソースモジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Supports display of any electronic content, Word, Powerpoint, Flash, Video,
+ Sounds etc</li>
+ <li>Files can be uploaded and managed on the server, or created on the fly using
+ web forms (text or HTML)</li>
+ <li>External content on the web can be linked to or seamlessly included within
+ the course interface.</li>
+ <li>External web applications can be linked in with data passed to them</li>
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >調査モジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Built-in surveys (COLLES, ATTLS) have been proven as instruments for analysing online classes</li>
+ <li>Online survey reports always available, including many graphs. Data is downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV text file.</li>
+ <li>Survey interface prevents partly-finished surveys.</li>
+ <li>Feedback is provided to the student of their results compared to the class averages
+ </ul>
+ <h3 >ワークショップモジュール</h3>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Allows peer assessement of documents, and the teacher can manage and grade
+ the assessment.</li>
+ <li>Supports a wide range of possible grading scales</li>
+ <li>Teacher can provide sample documents for students to practice grading</li>
+ <li>Very flexible with many options.</li>
+ </ul>
+ <p>&nbsp;</p>
+<p align="CENTER"><font size="1"><a href="." target="_top">Moodle Documentation</a></font></p>
+<p align="CENTER"><font size="1">Version: $Id$</font></p>
@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@
$string['allowinternal'] = '内部登録も許可する';
$string['allownot'] = '許可しない';
$string['allparticipants'] = '全参加者';
+$string['allteachers'] = '全教師';
$string['alphabet'] = 'A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z';
$string['alphanumerical'] = '半角英数字のみ入力';
$string['alreadyconfirmed'] = '登録作業は既に完了しています。';
@@ -178,6 +179,7 @@
$string['configlocale'] = '全体に適用されるロケールを選択してください。これは日付の書式と言語に影響します。指定した言語が表示される為には、OSに言語データがインストールされている必要があります。(例 ja_JP-日本語 en-英語 es-スペイン語)
+$string['configloginhttps'] = 'この設定をONにすることでMoodleは、ログインページのみでセキュアhttps接続(セキュアログイン)を使用します。その後、一般的な速度を保つために通常のhttp URLに戻ります。警告: この設定を行うにはウェブサーバでhttpsを使用できるようにする必要があります。もし、httpsが使用できない状態でこの設定を行った場合、あなたのサイトに入ることが出来なくなります。';
$string['configloglifetime'] = 'ここではユーザの活動に関するログの保持期間を設定します。指定した値より古いログは自動的に削除されます。可能な限り長い間ログを保持する方が良いのですが、アクセス件数が多く、サーバのパフォーマンスに問題がある場合は、短い期間に設定してください。';
$string['configlongtimenosee'] = 'もし学生が長期間ログインしていない場合は、自動的にコースから削除されます。この値は削除期限を決定します。';
$string['configmaxbytes'] = 'ここではサイト全体でアップロード出来るファイルの最大サイズを設定します。この設定はPHP設定のupload_max_filesize及びApache設定のLimitRequestBodyに制限されます。maxbytesはコースレベルまたはモジュールレベルで選択するサイズ幅を制限します。';
@@ -190,6 +192,7 @@
$string['configsecureforms'] = 'Moodlでは、フォームデータを受入れる場合の追加的なレベルのセキュリティーを使用することが出来ます。この設定をYesにした場合、ブラウザのHTTP_REFERER変数とフォーム設置のアドレスが照合されます。 ユーザがファイアーウォールソフト(例 Zonealarm)を使用してトラフィックからHTTP_REFERERを取除く設定をしている場合、稀に問題が発生する場合があります。 これはフォーム使用時に画面が固まる現象です。ユーザがログインページ(例えば)で問題を抱えている場合はこの設定をNoにしてください。しかしこの設定ではブルートフォース・パスワードアタックに対して無防備な状態になります。分からない場合は、この設定をYesのままにしてください。';
$string['configsessioncookie'] = 'ここではMoodleのセッションで使用されるクッキーの名前を設定します。この設定は1つ以上のMoodleが同じウェブサイトで稼動している場合に、クッキーが混乱するのを防ぐ為だけに任意でお使いください。';
$string['configsessiontimeout'] = 'このサイトにログインして長時間何もしない(ページを更新しない)場合、自動的にログアウト(セッションを終了)させます。この変数はログアウトさせるまでの時間を設定します。';
+$string['configshowsiteparticipantslist'] = '全ての学生及び教師は参加者リストに表示されます。誰がこの参加者リストを閲覧することが出来ますか?';
$string['configslasharguments'] = 'ファイル(画像、アップロード等)は/=スラッシュ(ここでは2つ目のオプション)を使ってプログラムに受け渡されます。この方法により簡単にブラウザ内やプロクシに画像を一時保存させることが可能です。いくつかのPHPサーバではこの方法が取れない場合があります。もしファイルや画像(例 ユーザの顔写真等)のアップロードに問題がある場合は最初のオプションを選択してください。';
$string['configsmtphosts'] = 'Moodleでメールを送信するときに使用する1つ以上のSMTPサーバを入力してください(例 又は; 空白にした場合、Moodleは自動的にPHPのメール送信方法を使用します。';
$string['configsmtpuser'] = '上記でSMTPサーバを設定して尚且つ認証が必要な場合はユーザ名とパスワードを設定してください。';
@@ -863,9 +866,12 @@
$string['sitefiles'] = 'サイトファイル';
$string['sitelogs'] = 'サイトログ';
$string['sitenews'] = 'サイトニュース';
+$string['sitepartlist0'] = 'サイト教師のみが参加者リストを閲覧することが出来ます。';
+$string['sitepartlist1'] = '教師のみが参加者リストを閲覧することが出来ます。';
$string['sites'] = 'サイト';
$string['sitesection'] = 'トピックセクションを含む';
$string['sitesettings'] = 'サイトセッティング';
+$string['siteteachers'] = 'サイト教師';
$string['size'] = 'サイズ';
$string['sizeb'] = 'バイト';
$string['sizegb'] = 'GB';
@@ -894,6 +900,7 @@
$string['stringsnotset'] = '下記の文字は $a で定義されていません。';
$string['studentnotallowed'] = '申し訳ございません。このコースには \'$a\' で入ることは出来ません。';
$string['students'] = '学生';
+$string['studentsandteachers'] = '学生と教師';
$string['subcategories'] = 'サブカテゴリ';
$string['success'] = '成功';
$string['summary'] = '概要';
@@ -963,6 +970,7 @@
$string['userdeleted'] = 'このユーザのアカウントは削除されました。';
$string['userdescription'] = '自己紹介';
$string['userfiles'] = 'ユーザファイル';
+$string['userlist'] = 'ユーザ一覧';
$string['username'] = 'ユーザ名';
$string['usernameexists'] = 'このユーザ名は既に使用されています 他のユーザ名を入力してください';
$string['usernotconfirmed'] = '$a を確認出来ませんでした。';

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