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<li> Big and small optimizations to tracking of read/unread messages, specially for PostgreSQL</li>
<li> Fixed some PostgreSQL bugs</li>
<li> Settings for tracking of unread messages are now covered by backup/restore, see <a href="">bug 3582</a></li>
- <li> Now message forum RSS feeds are including category data &emdash; useful under some RSS agregators able to group messages,
- credits go to Dmitry Pupinin <a href="" target="_blank">Bug 3654</a></li>
+ <li> Now message forum RSS feeds are including category data -- useful under some RSS agregators able to group messages, see <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3654</a></li>
<li> Fixed paging on forum search</li>
+ <ul type="circle">
+ <li> Several performance improvements </li>
+ <li> Fixes to the upgrade process, including PostgreSQL syntax and lower memory usage</li>
+ <li> Brought in several bugfixes from 1.6dev</li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3478</a>: Cannot add RSS feed as course creator</li>
+<li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3793</a>:
+ Prevent warning message when configuring a glossary_random block in
+ a course which has no glossaries</li>
+ <ul type="circle">
+ <li> Some CSS style fixes</li>
+ <li> Better compatibility with themes that contain forms in the headers</li>
+ <li> Highlighting of correct answers can now be turned off</li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3986</a>: Too many random questions.
+ (mindforge)</li>
+ <li> Fixed
+ <a href="">missing action icons</a></li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3899</a> and removed some 'missing
+ course object' messages</li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3950</a>: Ee-attempt button inconsistency for multi-attempt quizzes</li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3953</a>: Quiz/report.php pagesize can be set to 0, credits to Jean-Michel</li>
+ <li> Fixed potential data data corruption <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3915</a></li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3884</a>: Quiz correct highlights missing for 2 of 3 options.</li>
+ <li> Fix for the <a href="">Student review highlight doesn't seem to work</a> bug</li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3804</a>: Differences in question types between 1.5 and 1.6</li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3822</a>: don't count previews as attempts</li>
+ <li> Fixed <a href="" target="_blank">bug 3807</a>: Question numbering issue</li>
+ <li> Fixes for the <a href="" target="_blank">item analysis
+ plug-in</a>, assembled by Jean-Michel</li>
+ <li> Now we reset the timeout counter to <a href="" target="_blank">avoid timeouts</a></li>
+ <li> Several <a href="" target="_blank">improvements</a> contributed by Jean-Michel Vedrine. You can now change the number of attempts per page displayed on screen, and download results to Excel/text file, including detailed grades</li>
+ <li> Fixed export bug with non-English languages</li>
+ </ul>
<h2>Moodle 1.5.2 (16th July, 2005) </h2>

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