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<h1>Latest Release notes</h1>
+<h3> New in Moodle 1.2.1 (25th March, 2004)</h3>
+ <dl>
+ <dt>Various small bug fixes</dt>
+ <dd>
+ <ul>
+ <li>Fixed some bugs that were causing survey graphs and results not to display in some circumstances</li>
+ <li>Improved security in the cron script</li>
+ <li>Fixed WebCT quiz import to deal with missing images, shortanswers and escaped characters</li>
+ <li>Fixed formatting on editor dialog to insert links</li>
+ <li>Prevent glossary from adding links to activity names that are already links</li>
+ <li>Fixed some timezone calculations when user isn't present</li>
+ <li>Characters like :( in Javascript code within filtered HTML are no longer converted to a sad smiley</li>
+ <li>Improved handling of ratings for single forums when secureforms is on.</li>
+ <li>Multichoice question creation now defaults to a single correct answer format</li>
+ <li>Guests can no longer see email addresses if "show only to course participants" has been set by that user</li>
+ <li>Primary admin is now the lowest-numbered entry in user_admins, rather than the admin with the lowest userid.</li>
+ <li>Modified flash MP3 plugin to improve brightness of Play button on darker screens</li>
+ <li>Various polishing and improvements in many language packs</li>
+ </ul>
+ </dd>
+ </dl>
+<br />
<h3> New in Moodle 1.2 (20th March, 2004)</h3>

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