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Some info about forcetables

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<p>You need to create an empty database (eg "moodle") in your database system
along with a special user (eg "moodleuser") that has access to that database
- (and that database only. You could use the "root" user if you wanted to, but
+ (and that database only). You could use the "root" user if you wanted to, but
this is not recommended for a production system: if hackers manage to discover
the password then your whole database system would be at risk, rather than
just one database.
@@ -128,6 +128,11 @@
<p>(For MySQL I highly recommend the use of <a href="">phpMyAdmin</a>
to manage your databases).</p>
+<p>Note that Moodle currently does not yet support table name prefixes, and works best with a whole
+ database to itself. If you do want to install Moodle in a database that already contains
+ tables, and are SURE that Moodle tables will not conflict with any tables
+ that you already have installed, then you can call this script in your moodle
+ installation: admin/forcetables.php</p>
<H3><A NAME="webserver" id="webserver"></A>6. Check your web server settings</H3>

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