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strings necessary for 1.6 should not be deleted or altered since tran…

…slations are not branched
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koenr committed Oct 16, 2006
1 parent ba4aa5e commit 96901f3a6738892811b643ea5280e31ad71d970a
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@@ -1421,6 +1421,7 @@
$string['virusfounduser'] = 'The file you have uploaded, $a->filename, has been scanned by a virus checker and found to be infected! Your file upload was NOT successful.';
$string['virusplaceholder'] = 'This file that has been uploaded was found to contain a virus and has been moved or delted and the user notified.';
$string['visible'] = 'Visible';
+$string['visibletostudents'] = 'Visible to $a'; //depreciated after 1.6
$string['warningdeleteresource'] ='Warning: $a is referred in a resource. Would you like to update the resource?';
$string['webpage'] = 'Web page';
$string['week'] = 'Week';

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