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MDL-26985 make sure admins do not upgrade to 2.1dev accidentally

We already have the new maturity warning in the upgrade page but we are not changing versions yet, we should better give admins one extra chance to go back to latest 2.0.2+ stable.
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1 parent aca9888 commit 9778dae374b10a825b8e500e36958b92a6b4e9ad @skodak skodak committed Mar 26, 2011
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@@ -88,6 +88,9 @@
echo $OUTPUT->header();
+ //TODO: remove this notice once admins know they need to switch CVS and git branches, the reason is once we start changing DB there will not be any way back!
+ echo $OUTPUT->box('WARNING: this site is using 2.1dev codebase, please make sure this is is not a production server!!!', 'errorbox');
/// Print Section
if ($SITE->numsections > 0) {

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