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  1. +9 4 doc/release.html
13 doc/release.html
@@ -16,10 +16,12 @@
16 16 New methods just added include IMAP, POP3 and NNTP servers (including
17 17 those using SSL or certificate-based authentication), and also
18 18 authentication against user-specified fields in ANY
19   - external database table. In addition, Moodle now sports a cool
  19 + external database table. The login page can now be partially customised
  20 + by the admin with personalised instructions, and the guest login can be
  21 + hidden if desired. In addition, Moodle now sports a cool
20 22 new admin GUI for configuring all of this, so it should be pretty
21   - easy to configure external authentication.
22   - Many thanks to contributor Petri Asikainen for helping with the GUI.<BR><BR>
  23 + easy now to set up external authentication.
  24 + Many thanks to contributor Petri Asikainen for helping with the admin GUI.<BR><BR>
23 25
24 26 <DT> Languages
25 27 <DD> Complete new Norwegian translation (from J�ran S�rb�), and updates for several others.<BR><BR>
@@ -40,7 +42,7 @@
40 42 <DD> <UL>
41 43 <LI> Day value in dates (eg forum posts, weekly listing) are
42 44 now displayed correctly on Windows servers.
43   - <LI> config-dist.php is now DOS format to make it easier for Windows users.
  45 + <LI> config-dist.php and README.txt is now in DOS format to make it easier for Windows users to get started (Unix users shouldn't be affected).
44 46 <LI> Added a workaround (and new config switch in config-dist.php) for
45 47 some systems which have buggy referer variables. This should help
46 48 those people getting "stuck" on a form during setup.
@@ -49,12 +51,15 @@
49 51 <LI> Character set in email now matches current language.
50 52 <LI> User pictures are now uploaded even if other fields have errors.
51 53 <LI> Full-size user pictures on user profile page no longer clickable.
  54 + <LI> Long user listing now has a small notice at the bottom about automatic unenrolment
  55 + <LI> Unenrol and change password buttons are hidden for guest student
52 56 <LI> Fixed occasional case where submitted assignments were sometimes having their owner changed.
53 57 <LI> User log graphs are now faster, cleaner and translatable.
54 58 <LI> Fixed HTML display errors with courses on front page.
55 59 <LI> Admin and guest accounts now always work, even with external authentication activated.
56 60 <LI> Slightly more security when writing/reading files (now checks for embedded scripting).
57 61 <LI> The same user can now be deleted more than once (create, delete, recreate, delete caused error).
  62 + <LI> Language editor now works with multibyte languages (Thanks, Mits)
58 63 </UL>
59 64
60 65 </DL></UL>

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