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michaelpenne committed Nov 1, 2004
1 parent 9390ae0 commit 983e7d0e2a0b9123c434194f1c6ee3931daabb40
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@@ -89,18 +89,29 @@
// CDC-Added by MarkNielsen
$string['addcluster'] = "Add a Cluster";
$string['addendofcluster'] = "Add an End of Cluster";
+$string['answeredcorrectly'] = "answered correctly.";
$string['arrangebuttonshorizontally'] = "Arrange Branch buttons horizontally in slideshow mode?";
+$string['averagescore'] = "Average Score";
+$string['averagetime'] = "Average Time";
$string['backtreeview'] = "Back to Tree View";
$string['cancel'] = "Cancel";
+$string['checkedthisone'] = "checked this one.";
+$string['classstats'] = "Class Statistics";
$string['clicktopost'] = "Click here to post your grade on the High Scores list.";
$string['clusterjump'] = "Unseen Question within a Cluster";
$string['clustertitle'] = "Cluster";
$string['comments'] = "Your Comments";
+$string['commentswithname'] = "\$a->firstname {\$a->lastname}'s comments";
+$string['completed'] = "Completed";
+$string['continuetoanswer'] = "Continue to change answers.";
$string['correctanswerjump'] = "Correct Answer Jump";
$string['correctanswerscore'] = "Correct Answer Score";
$string['correctresponse'] = "Correct Response";
$string['customscoring'] = "Custom Scoring";
$string['deleteattempts'] = "Delete student attempts for this lesson (user id)";
+$string['detailedstats'] = "Detailed Statistics";
+$string['didnotanswerquestion'] = "Did not answer this question.";
+$string['didnotreceivecredit'] = "Did not Receive Credit";
$string['displayhighscores'] = "Display High Scores";
$string['displayinleftmenu'] = "Display in left menu?";
$string['displayleftmenu'] = "Display Left Menu";
@@ -114,38 +125,61 @@
$string['emailgradedessays'] = "Email Graded Essays";
$string['emailsuccess'] = "Email(s) Successful";
$string['endofclustertitle'] = "End of Cluster";
+$string['enteredthis'] = "entered this.";
$string['entername'] = "Enter a nickname for the high scores list";
$string['enterpassword'] = "Please enter the password:";
$string['eolstudentoutoftime'] = "Attention: You ran out of time for this lesson. Your last answer my not have counted if it was answered after the time was up.";
$string['eolstudentoutoftimenoanswers'] = "You did not answer any questions. You have received a 0 for this lesson.";
$string['essay'] = "Essay";
+$string['essayemailsubject'] = "Your grade for \$a question";
$string['essays'] = "Essays";
$string['essayscore'] = "Essay Score";
$string['firstwrong'] = "Unfortunately you cannot earn this one point, because your response was not correct. Would you like to keep guessing, just for the sheer joy of learning (but for no point credit)?";
+$string['gobacktolesson'] = "Go Back to Lesson";
+$string['grade'] = "Grade";
$string['gradeessay'] = "Grade Essay Questions";
+$string['havenotgradedyet'] = "Have not graded yet.";
+$string['highscore'] = "High Score";
+$string['hightime'] = "High Time";
+$string['jumptsto'] = "jumps to";
$string['leftduringtimed'] = "You have left during a timed lesson.<br>Please click on Continue to restart the lesson.";
$string['leftduringtimednoretake'] = "You have left during a timed lesson and you are<br>not allowed to retake or continue the lesson.";
+$string['lesson'] = "\$a Lesson";
$string['lessonclosed'] = "This lesson closed on \$a.";
$string['lessondefault'] = "Use this lesson's settings as defaults";
$string['lessonmenu'] = "Lesson Menu";
$string['lessonopen'] = "This lesson will be open on \$a.";
+$string['lessonstats'] = "Lesson Statistics";
$string['loginfail'] = "Login Failed, please try again...";
+$string['lowscore'] = "Low Score";
+$string['lowtime'] = "Low Time";
$string['mainmenu'] = "Main Menu";
$string['matchesanswer'] = "Matches with Answer";
$string['maxhighscores'] = "Number of High Scores Displayed";
$string['maxtime'] = "Time Limit (minutes)";
$string['maxtimewarning'] = "You have \$a minute(s) to finish the lesson.";
+$string['modattempts'] = "Allow student review";
+$string['modattemptsnoteacher'] = "Student review only works for students.";
$string['nameapproved'] = "Name Approved";
$string['namereject'] = "Sorry, your name has been rejected by the filter.<br>Please try another name.";
+$string['nocommentyet'] = "No comment yet.";
$string['nohighscores'] = "No High Scores";
+$string['nooneansweredcorrectly'] = "No one answered correctly.";
+$string['nooneansweredthisquestion'] = "No one answered this question.";
+$string['noonecheckedthis'] = "No one checked this.";
+$string['nooneenteredthis'] = "No one entered this.";
$string['noretake'] = "You are not allowed to retake this lesson.";
+$string['notcompleted'] = "Not Completed";
$string['nothighscore'] = "You did not make the top \$a high scores list.";
$string['ongoing'] = "Display Ongoing Score";
$string['ongoingcustom'] = "This is a \$a->grade point lesson. You have earned \$a->score point(s) out of \$a->currenthigh point(s) thus far.";
$string['ongoingnormal'] = "You have answered \$a->correct question(s) correctly out of \$a->viewed question(s).";
+$string['or'] = "OR";
$string['outoftime'] = "Out of Time";
+$string['overview'] = "Overview";
$string['password'] = "Password";
$string['passwordprotectedlesson'] = "\$a is a password protected lesson.";
+$string['pointsearned'] = "Points Earned";
$string['postsuccess'] = "Post Successful";
$string['practice'] = "Practice Lesson";
$string['previouspage'] = "Previous Page";
@@ -154,10 +188,15 @@
$string['randombranch'] = "Random Branch Page";
$string['randompageinbranch'] = "Random Question within a Branch";
$string['rank'] = "Rank";
+$string['receivedcredit'] = "Received Credit";
+$string['report'] = "Report";
$string['returnmainmenu'] = "Return to Main Menu";
$string['returntocourse'] = "Return to the Course";
+$string['reviewlesson'] = "Review Lesson";
$string['reviewquestionback'] = "Yes, I'd like to try again";
$string['reviewquestioncontinue'] = "No, I just want to go on to the next question";
+$string['savechanges'] = "Save Changes";
+$string['savechangesandeol'] = "Save all changes and go to the end of the lesson.";
$string['score'] = "Score";
$string['scores'] = "Scores";
$string['secondpluswrong'] = "Not quite.  Would you like to try again?";
@@ -166,6 +205,8 @@
$string['slideshowheight'] = "Slide Show Height";
$string['slideshowwidth'] = "Slide Show Width";
$string['startlesson'] = "Start Lesson";
+$string['studentattemptlesson'] = "\$a->lastname, \$a->firstname's attempt number \$a->attempt";
+$string['studentname'] = "\$a Name";
$string['studentoneminwarning'] = "Warning: You have 1 minute or less to finish the lesson.";
$string['studentoutoftime'] = "Attention: You ran out of time for this lesson. Your last answer does not count because it was answered after the time was up. Please push the continue button to finish the lesson.";
$string['studentresponse'] = "{\$a}'s response";
@@ -174,11 +215,14 @@
$string['teacherongoingwarning'] = "Ongoing Score is only displayed for student. Login as a student to test Ongoing Score";
$string['teachertimerwarning'] = "Timer only works for students. Test the timer by loggin in as a student.";
$string['timed'] = "Timed";
+$string['timeremaining'] = "Time Remaining";
+$string['timetaken'] = "Time taken";
$string['topscorestitle'] = "Top \$a->maxhighscores scores for \$a->name lesson.";
$string['treeview'] = "Tree View";
$string['viewallpages'] = "View All Pages";
$string['viewgrades'] = "View grades";
$string['viewhighscores'] = "View High Scores list.";
+$string['viewlessonstats'] = "View Lesson Statistics";
$string['unseenpageinbranch'] = "Unseen Question within a Branch";
$string['updatefailed'] = "Update Failed";
$string['updatesuccess'] = "Update Successful";
@@ -189,6 +233,9 @@
$string['wronganswerjump'] = "Wrong Answer Jump";
$string['wronganswerscore'] = "Wrong Answer Score";
$string['wrongresponse'] = "Wrong Response";
+$string['yourgradeisnow'] = "Your grade for the lesson has been changed to \$a";
+$string['youhavereceived'] = "You have received \$a->score out of \$a->outof points for this essay question.";
$string['youmadehighscore'] = "You made it on the top \$a high scores list.";
+$string['yourresponse'] = "Your response";

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