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MDL-20612 checking the "Show activity reports" string to "Show activi…

…ty reports to students" to be more consistent and to avoid confusing for instructors.

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1 parent 81d2e45 commit 9846a7f0907535c4bed3c83047823b63c0e4c7e5 whchuang committed Oct 20, 2009
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@@ -1393,7 +1393,7 @@
$string['showonlyweek'] = 'Show only week $a';
$string['showperpage'] = 'Show $a per page';
$string['showrecent'] = 'Show recent activity';
-$string['showreports'] = 'Show activity reports';
+$string['showreports'] = 'Show activity reports to students';
$string['showsettings'] = 'Show settings';
$string['showtheselogs'] = 'Show these logs';
$string['showthishelpinlanguage'] = 'Show this help in language: $a';

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