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A couple of extra messages for teachers about resubmissions.

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1 parent 4442ed1 commit 98933e78b440974a8876aa3615dcb73f5ef3d9a8 rkingdon committed Oct 16, 2003
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2 lang/en/exercise.php
@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
$string['deleting'] = "Deleting";
$string['detailsofassessment'] = "Details of Assessment";
$string['displayoffinalgrades'] = "Display of Final Grades";
+$string['doubleupload'] = "Warning: this submission has probably been sent twice. Go to the Administration page, check for two submissions from this user within a short time period. Delete one of these submissions before proceeding.";
$string['duedate'] = "Due Date";
$string['edit'] = "Edit";
$string['editingassessmentelements'] = "Editing Assessment Elements";
@@ -97,6 +98,7 @@
$string['present'] = "Present";
$string['reasonforadjustment'] = "Reason for Adjustment";
$string['reassess'] = "Re-assess";
+$string['resubmissionfor'] = "Resubmission for \$a";
$string['resubmitnote'] = "* means that the \$a is allowed to redo this submission. <br /> This flag can be given to any submission by re-assessing it and clicking <br />on the <b>Allow \$a to Re-submit</b> button. <br />The student can resubmit when this flag is present on <b>any</b> of their submissions.";
$string['rubric'] = "Rubric";
$string['savemyassessment'] = "Save my Assessment";

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