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workshop: addition of peer agreement

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rkingdon committed May 8, 2003
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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Adding a Comment</B></P>
+<P>Comments can be added to an assessment to:
+<LI>Add additional explaination or clarification to the assessment (by
+ the student who assessed the piece of work);
+<LI>Query the statements made in the assessment (by the student whose
+ piece of work is being assessed;
+<LI>Try to resolve difficulties which may have arisen during the discussion
+ on the assessment (by the teacher);
+<P>The aim of the comments is to try either reach agreement on the
+ current assessment or persuade the assessor to revise their assessment.
+ This discussion should be undertaken in a reasonable way.
+<P>If the work is reassessed then the old comments are discarded and
+ are no longer shown with the new assessment.
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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Agreement of Assessments</B></P>
+<P>A workshop assignment can have either of these characteristics:
+<LI>In the submission and assessment phase when the students see the
+ assessments made by other students there is no feedback
+ from the students who submitted the work to the students who made
+ the assessment. There may be feedback from the teacher if the teacher
+ choses to grade the student assessments and then the teacher's grades and
+ comments will be available to both the student whose work it is and
+ to the student who made the assessment. There will be, however,
+ be only one way feedback between peers on any one piece of work.
+<LI>In the submission and assessment phase the students see the
+ assessments made by other students and they are allowed to comment
+ on these assessments. They may agree or disagree with the (peer) assessment.
+ If they agree with the assessment then the assessment stands and is
+ used in the final calculations when determining the peer grade given to
+ the particular piece of work. If, however, they do not agree with an
+ assessment the student who made the assessment is given an
+ opportunity to revise it. The revise/disagree loop can continue until
+ either agreement is reached or the deadline is reached. An assessment
+ which is still in &quot;dispute&quot; when the deadline is reached
+ is not used in the final calculations. This gives two way feedback
+ between peers on each piece of work.
+<P>If the second method of working is chosen there is the option of switching off the display
+ of grades. That is, if this &quot;hide grades&quot; option is exercised, only the comments
+ in the assessment are shown to the student who work is being assessed.
+ The grades are shown only after agreement has been reached (on the
+ comments alone). Note that this option only effective when agreement on
+ assessments is required.
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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Editing a Comment</B></P>
+<P>As with other items there is a short period of time allowed when
+ the text of comments can be amended. The comment is not shown
+ on the assessment until this period has elapsed.

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