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MDL-28411 make sure people understand the difference between grouping…

…s and Available for group members only
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1 parent 6bbf934 commit 9dce25dea5651764757bd5d78c1e10ce17abe852 @skodak skodak committed Jul 21, 2011
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@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@
$string['configenablecalendarexport'] = 'Enable exporting or subscribing to calendars.';
$string['configenablecourserequests'] = 'This will allow any user to request a course be created.';
$string['configenableglobalsearch'] = 'This setting enables global text searching in resources and activities, it is not compatible with PHP 4.';
-$string['configenablegroupings'] = 'This setting enables groupings of groups.';
+$string['configenablegroupings'] = 'This setting enables creation of groupings and \'Available for group members only\' option. Groupings are a standard feature in later Moodle versions, \'Available for group members only\' has known problems and is still considered experimental in later Moodle versions.';
$string['configenablehtmlpurifier'] = 'Use HTML Purifier instead of KSES for cleaning of untrusted text. HTML Purifier is actively developed and is believed to be more secure, but it is more resource intensive. Expect minor visual differences in the resulting html code. Please note that embed and object tags can not be enabled, MathML tags and old lang tags are not supported. ';
$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = 'This switch will enable RSS feeds from across the site. To actually see any change you will need to enable RSS feeds in the individual modules too - go to the Modules settings under Admin Configuration.';
$string['configenablerssfeedsdisabled'] = 'It is not available because RSS feeds are disabled in all the Site. To enable them, go to the Variables settings under Admin Configuration.';
@@ -358,7 +358,7 @@
$string['enablecalendarexport'] = 'Enable calendar export';
$string['enablecourserequests'] = 'Enable course requests';
$string['enableglobalsearch'] = 'Enable global search';
-$string['enablegroupings'] = 'Enable groupings';
+$string['enablegroupings'] = 'Enable groupings and Available for group members only';
$string['enablehtmlpurifier'] = 'Enable HTML Purifier';
$string['enablerecordcache'] = 'Enable Record Cache';
$string['enablerssfeeds'] = 'Enable RSS feeds';

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