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MDL-33120 book: Amend module strings

Al the changes are fixes but numberingoptions_help
that is one change of string key too, hence we instruct AMOS to move it.

 MOV [numberingoptions_help,mod_book],[numberingoptions_desc,mod_book]
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wildgirl authored and stronk7 committed May 27, 2012
1 parent 4631e39 commit 9e302b63b9fc4b3db2ecd5b49f1fd92d05d7c809
@@ -38,74 +38,39 @@
$string['pluginadministration'] = 'Book administration';
$string['toc'] = 'Table of contents';
-$string['faq'] = 'Book FAQ';
-$string['faq_help'] = '
-*Why only two levels?*
-Two levels are generally enough for all books, three levels would lead to poorly structured documents. Book module is designed for
-creation of short multipage study materials. It is usually better to use PDF format for longer documents. The easiest way to create PDFs are
-virtual printers (see
-<a href="" target="_blank">PDFCreator</a>,
-<a href="" target="_blank">PDFFactory</a>,
-<a href="" target="_blank">Adobe Acrobat</a>,
-*Can students edit books?*
-Only teachers can create and edit books. There are no plans to implement student editing for books, but somebody may create something
-similar for students (Portfolio?). The main reason is to keep Book module as simple as possible.
-*How do I search the books?*
-At present there is only one way, use browser\'s search capability in print page. Global searching is now possible only in Moodle forums.
-It would be nice to have global searching for all resources including books, any volunteers?
-*My titles do not fit on one line.*
-Either rephrase your titles or ask your site admin to change TOC
-width. It is defined globally for all books in module configuration
$string['customtitles'] = 'Custom titles';
-$string['customtitles_help'] = 'Chapter titles are displayed automatically only in TOC.';
+$string['customtitles_help'] = 'Normally the chapter title is displayed in the table of contents (TOC) AND as a heading above the content.
+If the custom titles checkbox is ticked, the chapter title is NOT displayed as a heading above the content. A different title (perhaps longer than the chapter title) may be entered as part of the content.';
$string['chapters'] = 'Chapters';
$string['editingchapter'] = 'Editing chapter';
$string['chaptertitle'] = 'Chapter title';
$string['content'] = 'Content';
$string['subchapter'] = 'Subchapter';
-$string['numbering'] = 'Chapter numbering';
-$string['numbering_help'] = '* None - chapter and subchapter titles are not formatted at all, use if you want to define special numbering styles. For example letters: in chapter title type "A First Chapter", "A.1 Some Subchapter",...
-* Numbers - chapters and subchapters are numbered (1, 1.1, 1.2, 2, ...)
-* Bullets - subchapters are indented and displayed with bullets
-* Indented - subchapters are indented';
+$string['numbering'] = 'Chapter formatting';
+$string['numbering_help'] = '* None - Chapter and subchapter titles have no formatting
+* Numbers - Chapters and subchapter titles are numbered 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2, ...
+* Bullets - Subchapters are indented and displayed with bullets in the table of contents
+* Indented - Subchapters are indented in the table of contents';
$string['numbering0'] = 'None';
$string['numbering1'] = 'Numbers';
$string['numbering2'] = 'Bullets';
$string['numbering3'] = 'Indented';
-$string['numberingoptions'] = 'Available numbering options';
-$string['numberingoptions_help'] = 'Select numbering options that should be available when creating new books.';
+$string['numberingoptions'] = 'Available options for chapter formatting';
+$string['numberingoptions_desc'] = 'Options for displaying chapters and subchapters in the table of contents';
$string['chapterscount'] = 'Chapters';
$string['addafter'] = 'Add new chapter';
$string['confchapterdelete'] = 'Do you really want to delete this chapter?';
$string['confchapterdeleteall'] = 'Do you really want to delete this chapter and all its subchapters?';
$string['top'] = 'top';
$string['navprev'] = 'Previous';
$string['navnext'] = 'Next';
$string['navexit'] = 'Exit book';
$string['book:addinstance'] = 'Add a new book';
$string['book:read'] = 'Read book';
$string['book:edit'] = 'Edit book chapters';
$string['book:viewhiddenchapters'] = 'View hidden book chapters';
-$string['errorchapter'] = 'Error reading book chapter.';
+$string['errorchapter'] = 'Error reading chapter of book.';
$string['page-mod-book-x'] = 'Any book module page';
@@ -26,5 +26,5 @@
$string['exportimscp:export'] = 'Export book as IMS content package';
$string['generateimscp'] = 'Generate IMS CP';
-$string['nochapters'] = 'No book chapters found, can not export to IMS CP.';
+$string['nochapters'] = 'No book chapters found, so unable to export to IMS CP.';
$string['pluginname'] = 'Book IMS CP export';
@@ -25,16 +25,16 @@
defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL') || die;
$string['doimport'] = 'Import';
-$string['errornochapters'] = 'Can not find chapters in selected file';
-$string['import'] = 'Import from HTML';
+$string['errornochapters'] = 'Cannot find chapters in selected file';
+$string['import'] = 'Import chapter';
$string['importhtml:import'] = 'Import chapters';
$string['importing'] = 'Importing';
$string['importingchapters'] = 'Importing chapters into book';
-$string['pluginname'] = 'Book HTML import';
+$string['pluginname'] = 'Book chapter import';
$string['relinking'] = 'Relinking';
$string['type'] = 'Type';
$string['typeonefile'] = 'One HTML file with headings as chapters';
$string['typezipfiles'] = 'Each HTML file represents one chapter';
-$string['typezipdirs'] = 'Each directory represents one chapter';
-$string['ziparchive'] = 'Zip archive';
-$string['ziparchive_help'] = 'Select a ZIP archive that contains HTML files and other media. File or directory names ending with "_sub" indicate subchapters. You can use copy and paste in text editor for simple HML files without embedded media.';
+$string['typezipdirs'] = 'Each folder represents one chapter';
+$string['ziparchive'] = 'Zip file';
+$string['ziparchive_help'] = 'Select a zip file containing HTML files and optional multimedia files and folders. To upload subchapters, add "_sub" to the end of HTML file or folder names.';

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