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Added ability to define proxy machine (eg a firewall) so that Moodle

is able to get to the Internet if it needs to
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1 parent d3fcd70 commit 9febf87563942d359b1781665719d2ac3881d55a martin committed Sep 2, 2002
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@@ -109,6 +109,15 @@
$CFG->slasharguments = true;
+// If this server needs to use a proxy computer (eg a firewall)
+// to access the Internet, then provide the proxy details here.
+// This will only affect a few minor features such as the ability
+// to see user locations plotted on a graph.
+// Otherwise, leave these blank
+$CFG->proxyhost = "";
+$CFG->proxyport = "";
// You should not need to change anything else. To continue setting up
// Moodle, use your web browser to go to the moodle/admin web page.

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