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Automatic installer.php lang files by installer_builder (20080625)

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1 parent ce6d939 commit a1dc1a26dbc97e69525a794f2899590ea059c547 moodlerobot committed Jun 25, 2008
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  1. +13 −13 install/lang/en_utf8/installer.php
@@ -26,14 +26,14 @@
This will fix admin links in Moodle.';
$string['availablelangs'] = 'Available language packs';
$string['bypassed'] = 'Bypassed';
-$string['cannotcreatelangdir'] = 'Cannot create lang dir.';
-$string['cannotcreatetempdir'] = 'Cannot create temp dir.';
-$string['cannotdownloadcomponents'] = 'Cannot download components.';
-$string['cannotdownloadzipfile'] = 'Cannot download ZIP file.';
-$string['cannotfindcomponent'] = 'Cannot find component.';
-$string['cannotsavemd5file'] = 'Cannot save md5 file.';
-$string['cannotsavezipfile'] = 'Cannot save ZIP file.';
-$string['cannotunzipfile'] = 'Cannot unzip file.';
+$string['cannotcreatelangdir'] = 'Cannot create lang directory';
+$string['cannotcreatetempdir'] = 'Cannot create temp directory';
+$string['cannotdownloadcomponents'] = 'Cannot download components';
+$string['cannotdownloadzipfile'] = 'Cannot download ZIP file';
+$string['cannotfindcomponent'] = 'Cannot find component';
+$string['cannotsavemd5file'] = 'Cannot save md5 file';
+$string['cannotsavezipfile'] = 'Cannot save ZIP file';
+$string['cannotunzipfile'] = 'Cannot unzip file';
$string['caution'] = 'Caution';
$string['check'] = 'Check';
$string['chooselanguage'] = 'Choose a language';
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
$string['compatibilitysettings'] = 'Checking your PHP settings ...';
$string['compatibilitysettingshead'] = 'Checking your PHP settings ...';
$string['compatibilitysettingssub'] = 'Your server should pass all these tests to make Moodle run properly';
-$string['componentisuptodate'] = 'Component is up to date.';
+$string['componentisuptodate'] = 'Component is up-to-date';
$string['configfilenotwritten'] = 'The installer script was not able to automatically create a config.php file containing your chosen settings, probably because the Moodle directory is not writeable. You can manually copy the following code into a file named config.php within the root directory of Moodle.';
$string['configfilewritten'] = 'config.php has been successfully created';
$string['configurationcomplete'] = 'Configuration completed';
@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@
$string['dirroot'] = 'Moodle Directory';
$string['dirrooterror'] = 'The \'Moodle Directory\' setting seems to be incorrect - we can\'t find a Moodle installation there. The value below has been reset.';
$string['download'] = 'Download';
-$string['downloadedfilecheckfailed'] = 'Downloaded file check failed.';
+$string['downloadedfilecheckfailed'] = 'Downloaded file check failed';
$string['downloadlanguagebutton'] = 'Download the "$a" language pack';
$string['downloadlanguagehead'] = 'Download language pack';
$string['downloadlanguagenotneeded'] = 'You may continue the installation process using the default language pack, \"$a\".';
@@ -342,9 +342,9 @@
configure and set up <strong>Moodle</strong> on your computer. You may accept the default
settings or, optionally, amend them to suit your own needs.';
$string['welcomep70'] = 'Click the \"Next\" button below to continue with the set up of <strong>Moodle</strong>.';
-$string['wrongdestpath'] = 'Wrong destination path.';
-$string['wrongsourcebase'] = 'Wrong source URL base.';
-$string['wrongzipfilename'] = 'Wrong ZIP filename.';
+$string['wrongdestpath'] = 'Wrong destination path';
+$string['wrongsourcebase'] = 'Wrong source URL base';
+$string['wrongzipfilename'] = 'Wrong ZIP file name';
$string['wwwroot'] = 'Web address';
$string['wwwrooterror'] = 'The \'Web Address\' does not appear to be valid - this Moodle installation doesn\'t appear to be there. The value below has been reset.';
$string['xmlrpcrecommended'] = 'Installing the optional xmlrpc extension is useful for Moodle Networking functionality.';

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