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MDL-36494 Do not display a debugging message about invalid update info

It turned out that this well-meant debugging message just caused a lot
of false alarm with no good reason. It seems to be better just ignore it
at the moment.
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1 parent 8ccaa29 commit a22de4ce99a4cff2426e0145af22204b97f4b288 @mudrd8mz mudrd8mz committed Nov 13, 2012
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  1. +4 −1 lib/pluginlib.php
@@ -913,7 +913,10 @@ protected function restore_response($forcereload = false) {
$this->recentfetch = $config->recentfetch;
$this->recentresponse = $this->decode_response($config->recentresponse);
} catch (available_update_checker_exception $e) {
- debugging('Invalid info about available updates detected and will be ignored: '.$e->getMessage(), DEBUG_ALL);
+ // The server response is not valid. Behave as if no data were fetched yet.
+ // This may happen when the most recent update info (cached locally) has been
+ // fetched with the previous branch of Moodle (like during an upgrade from 2.x
+ // to 2.y) or when the API of the response has changed.
$this->recentresponse = array();

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