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MDL-27171 take rid of 2 wrong strings moved to forum/lang/xx/forum.php

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1 parent 192026f commit a31a6ce32d0ef8a231989ed79fcc9d9cabc5a6be @stronk7 stronk7 committed Jun 15, 2011
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2 lang/en/admin.php
@@ -186,7 +186,6 @@
$string['configdeleteunconfirmed'] = 'If you are using email authentication, this is the period within which a response will be accepted from users. After this period, old unconfirmed accounts are deleted.';
$string['configdenyemailaddresses'] = 'To deny email addresses from particular domains list them here in the same way. All other domains will be accepted. To deny subdomains add the domain with a preceding \'.\'. eg <strong></strong>';
$string['configenabledevicedetection'] = 'Enables detection of mobiles, smartphones, tablets or default devices (desktop PCs, laptops, etc) for the application of themes and other features.';
-$string['configdigestmailtime'] = 'People who choose to have emails sent to them in digest form will be emailed the digest daily. This setting controls which time of day the daily mail will be sent (the next cron that runs after this hour will send it).';
$string['configdisableuserimages'] = 'Disable the ability for users to change user profile images.';
$string['configdisplayloginfailures'] = 'This will display information to selected users about previous failed logins.';
$string['configdocroot'] = 'Defines the path to the Moodle Docs. You can change this if you wish to have your own custom online documentation. However, if you do that make sure that the paths in your documentation follow the same format as';
@@ -445,7 +444,6 @@
$string['devicedetectregexexpression'] = 'Regular expression';
$string['devicedetectregexvalue'] = 'Return value';
$string['devicetype'] = 'Device type';
-$string['digestmailtime'] = 'Hour to send digest emails';
$string['disableuserimages'] = 'Disable user profile images';
$string['displayerrorswarning'] = 'Enabling the PHP setting <em>display_errors</em> is not recommended on production sites because some error messages may reveal sensitive information about your server.';
$string['displayloginfailures'] = 'Display login failures to';

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