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MDL-53012 Behat: Add step to run scheduled task

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sammarshallou committed Feb 5, 2016
1 parent 2f45a11 commit a4ce565f20785e6e51c8d5dede7ecf688ca977b5
Showing with 65 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +7 −10 badges/tests/behat/award_badge.feature
  2. +1 −1 lib/moodlelib.php
  3. +57 −0 lib/tests/behat/behat_general.php
@@ -217,16 +217,13 @@ Feature: Award badges
And I follow "Course 1"
And I press "Mark as complete: Test assignment name"
And I log out
And I log in as "admin"
# We can't wait for cron to happen, so the admin manually triggers it.
And I trigger cron
# The admin needs to trigger cron twice to see the completion status as completed.
# We wait more than 1 minute because of the next cron run scheduled time.
And I wait "61" seconds
And I trigger cron
# Finally the admin goes back to homepage to continue the user story.
And I am on site homepage
And I log out
# Completion cron won't mark the whole course completed unless the
# individual criteria was marked completed more than a second ago. So
# run it twice, first to mark the criteria and second for the course.
And I run the scheduled task "core\task\completion_regular_task"
And I wait "1" seconds
And I run the scheduled task "core\task\completion_regular_task"
# The student should now see their badge.
And I log in as "student1"
And I follow "Profile" in the user menu
Then I should see "Course Badge"
@@ -8448,7 +8448,7 @@ function address_in_subnet($addr, $subnetstr) {
function mtrace($string, $eol="\n", $sleep=0) {
if (defined('STDOUT') and !PHPUNIT_TEST) {
if (defined('STDOUT') && !PHPUNIT_TEST && !defined('BEHAT_TEST')) {
fwrite(STDOUT, $string.$eol);
} else {
echo $string . $eol;
@@ -935,6 +935,63 @@ public function i_trigger_cron() {
* Runs a scheduled task immediately, given full class name.
* This is faster and more reliable than running cron (running cron won't
* work more than once in the same test, for instance). However it is
* a little less 'realistic'.
* While the task is running, we suppress mtrace output because it makes
* the Behat result look ugly.
* Note: Most of the code relating to running a task is based on
* admin/tool/task/cli/schedule_task.php.
* @Given /^I run the scheduled task "(?P<task_name>[^"]+)"$/
* @param string $taskname Name of task e.g. 'mod_whatever\task\do_something'
public function i_run_the_scheduled_task($taskname) {
$task = \core\task\manager::get_scheduled_task($taskname);
if (!$task) {
throw new DriverException('The "' . $taskname . '" scheduled task does not exist');
// Do setup for cron task.
// Get lock.
$cronlockfactory = \core\lock\lock_config::get_lock_factory('cron');
if (!$cronlock = $cronlockfactory->get_lock('core_cron', 10)) {
throw new DriverException('Unable to obtain core_cron lock for scheduled task');
if (!$lock = $cronlockfactory->get_lock('\\' . get_class($task), 10)) {
throw new DriverException('Unable to obtain task lock for scheduled task');
if (!$task->is_blocking()) {
} else {
try {
// Discard task output as not appropriate for Behat output!
// Mark task complete.
} catch (Exception $e) {
// Mark task failed and throw exception.
throw new DriverException('The "' . $taskname . '" scheduled task failed', 0, $e);
* Checks that an element and selector type exists in another element and selector type on the current page.

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