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MDL-40262 theme_formal_white: I simply assigned black (that is well c…

…ontrasted according to to links and white (that makes a not compliant contrast with background color) to plain texts in the breadcrumb. This is the less expensive solution I found to differentiate plain text and links and have links well contrasted.
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1 parent 07bbbcf commit a53113b9a0c79b0c4f0f448579e2110b898fb882 @kordan kordan committed Jul 15, 2013
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5 theme/formal_white/style/formal_white.css
@@ -80,8 +80,9 @@ h2.main, h3.main, h4.main {margin:1em;padding:0;text-align:center;}
/* navbar */
.navbar {width:auto;background-image:url([[pix:theme|trend/__setting_trendcolor__/bg_bread]]);background-repeat:repeat-x;line-height:29px;} /* 30 pixel is the height if bg_bread */
-.navbar li span {color:#E3DFD4;}
-.navbar li a:link, .navbar li a:visited {color:white;}
+.navbar li span.arrow {color:black;font-size:50%;}
+.navbar li span {color:white;}
+.navbar li a:link, .navbar li a:visited {color:black;}
#page-content {
/* min-width here is useless until min-width in frame.css/#frametop is gretaer enought to hold this #page-content min-width */

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