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Notes about the necessity of cookies being allowed

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3 doc/install.html
@@ -149,6 +149,9 @@
If you try and access the front page of your site you'll be taken there automatically
anyway. The first time you access this admin page, you will be presented with
a GPL agreement which you need to agree with to continue with the setup.</p>
+ <P>(Moodle will also try to set some cookies in your browser. If you have
+ your browser set up to let you choose to accept cookies, then you <B>must</B>
+ accept the Moodle cookies, or Moodle won't work properly.)
<p>Now Moodle will start setting set up your database. Firstly, the main database
tables are created. You should see a number of SQL statements followed by
status messages (in green or red) that look like this:</p>
3 lang/en/moodle.php
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
$string[city] = "City/town";
$string[confirmed] = "Your registration has been confirmed";
$string[courseupdates] = "Course updates";
+$string[cookiesenabled] = "Cookies must be enabled in your browser";
$string[complete] = "Complete";
$string[copyrightnotice] = "Copyright notice";
$string["continue"] = "Continue";
@@ -175,7 +176,7 @@
$string[loginguest] = "Login as a guest";
$string[loginsite] = "Login to the site";
$string[loginto] = "Login to \$a";
-$string[loginusing] = "Login using your username and password";
+$string[loginusing] = "Login here using your username and password";
$string[loginsteps] = "Hi! For full access to courses you'll need to take
a minute to create a new account for yourself on this web site.
Each of the individual courses may also have a one-time
1 login/index_form.html
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
<TD WIDTH="50%" VALIGN="TOP" bgcolor="<?=$THEME->cellheading?>"> <FONT SIZE=2>
<P ALIGN="CENTER"><? print_string("loginusing") ?>:<BR>
+ (<? print_string("cookiesenabled") ?>)<BR>
<? formerr($errormsg) ?>
<FORM NAME="form" ACTION="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/login/" METHOD=post>

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