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I added class="active" to the tabs function. With this class each kin…

…d of tab has a special class and so the hover effect can be applied only to normal tabs, not to the selected and not to the inactive ones. I think it is a better signal for the user to get feedback for those tabs only which will react and change something on a click.

The behavior of the existing tabs in "standard" are not affected.
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1 parent c9ff813 commit a691a4ba92efba0360138cfe7cf60c32ba667715 urs_hunkler committed Apr 14, 2005
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  1. +4 −0 lib/weblib.php
@@ -4160,6 +4160,10 @@ function createtab ($selected=false, $inactive=false, $last=false) {
/// Set the class for the selected cell
} else if ($selected) {
$cstr .= ' selected';
+ /// Set the standard class for a cell
+ } else {
+ $cstr .= ' active';

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