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@@ -8,23 +8,30 @@ version.php for all the details.
When upgrading from any previous version of Moodle,
all you normally will need to do is this:
-1a) Update the source files using CVS
+1) Make a backup of your current Moodle installation
+ just in case something goes wrong and you need
+ to restore the older version.
- or
+2a) If you are using CVS, just go the root directory
+ and type "cvs update -d" (or whatever the equivalent
+ is on your non-Unix server).
-1b) Make a backup of the current working installation
- files, then put the new files here. Make sure you
- copy your old config.php back here (or make a new
- one by editing config-dist.php).
+ OR
-2) Login as the admin user and visit /admin using a
- web browser.
+2b) Remove the current installation, and then unpack
+ the new installation in the same location.
+ Make sure you copy the config.php file from your
+ old installion to the new installation (or make a
+ new one by editing config-dist.php).
+3) IMPORTANT: Login as the admin user and visit
+ using a web browser.
If all goes well, your databases will be upgraded to
suit the new files, and you can go on using Moodle
-If you have problems, let me know.
+If you have problems with this procedure, let me know.
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