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latest update for rss_client block

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dhawes committed Jan 25, 2005
1 parent 7290d99 commit a9c38b3be8166b4ef80046e78a8276dc4657fab7
Showing with 5 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +5 −3 lang/en/block_rss_client.php
@@ -5,10 +5,13 @@
$string['block_rss_remote_news_feed'] = 'Remote News Feed';
$string['block_rss_feed_updated'] = 'News feed updated';
$string['block_rss_feed_added'] = 'News feed added';
+$string['block_rss_update_feed'] = 'Update a news feed URL: ';
+$string['block_rss_add_feed'] = 'Add a news feed URL: ';
$string['block_rss_feed_deleted'] = 'News feed deleted';
-$string['block_rss_client_num_entries'] = 'Number of rss links to show per block.';
-$string['block_rss_submitters'] = 'Who can define new rss feeds? Feeds are made available for any member of your site to add to their own pages.';
+$string['block_rss_client_num_entries'] = 'The default number of entries to show per feed.';
+$string['block_rss_submitters'] = 'Who will be allowed to define new rss feeds? Defined feeds are available for any page on your site.';
$string['block_rss_choose_feed'] = 'Choose the feeds which you would like to make available in this block:';
$string['block_rss_no_feeds'] = 'There are no RSS feeds defined for this site.';
$string['block_rss_edit_news_feeds'] = 'Edit news feeds';
@@ -31,5 +34,4 @@
$string['block_rss_edit_rss_block'] = 'Edit RSS Headline Block';
$string['block_rss_add_new'] = 'Add New';

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