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New strings to do with language direction

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1 parent 541117b commit a9ff3d4cdfd7c8bfb6ab746f489ab0d6989aad17 moodler committed Oct 11, 2002
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@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@
$string['confightmleditor'] = "Choose whether or not to allow use of the embedded HTML text editor. Even if you choose allow, this editor will only appear when the user is using a compatible browser (IE 5.5 or later). Users can also choose not to use it.";
$string['configintro'] = "On this page you can specify a number of configuration variables that help make Moodle work properly on your server. Don't worry too much about it - the defaults will usually work fine and you can always come back to this page later and change these settings.";
$string['configlang'] = "Choose a default language for the whole site. Users can override this setting later.";
+$string['configlangdir'] = "Most languages are printed left-to-right, but some, like Arabic and Hebrew, are printed right-to-left.";
$string['configlocale'] = "Choose a sitewide locale - this will affect the display of dates. You need to have this locale data installed on your operating system. If you don't know what to choose leave it blank.";
$string['configlongtimenosee'] = "If students haven't logged in for a very long time, then they are automatically unsubscribed from courses. This parameter specifies that time limit.";
$string['configmaxeditingtime'] = "This specifies the amount of time people have to re-edit forum postings, journal feedback etc. Usually 30 minutes is a good value.";
@@ -164,7 +165,7 @@
$string['format'] = "Format";
$string['formathtml'] = "HTML format";
$string['formatsocial'] = "Social format";
-$string['formattext'] = "Plain text format";
+$string['formattext'] = "Moodle text format";
$string['formattexttype'] = "Formatting";
$string['formattopics'] = "Topics format";
$string['formatweeks'] = "Weekly format";
@@ -213,6 +214,8 @@
$string['leavetokeep'] = "Leave blank to keep current password";
$string['invalidlogin'] = "Invalid login, please try again";
$string['invalidemail'] = "Invalid email address";
+$string['langltr'] = "Language direction left-to-right";
+$string['langrtl'] = "Language direction right-to-left";
$string['languagegood'] = "This language pack is up-to-date! :-)";
$string['lastaccess'] = "Last access";
$string['lastedited'] = "Last edited";

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