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MDL-28421 admin config improve class

admin_setting_configmultiselect_modules to include a default
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commit aa4292ad22513b1ae0fc07b3eaa14e058128b209 1 parent aede1fe
@Beedell Beedell authored
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 lib/adminlib.php
5 lib/adminlib.php
@@ -7863,9 +7863,10 @@ class admin_setting_configmultiselect_modules extends admin_setting_configmultis
* @param string $name setting name
* @param string $visiblename localised setting name
* @param string $description setting description
+ * @param array $defaultsetting a plain array of default module ids
- public function __construct($name, $visiblename, $description) {
- parent::__construct($name, $visiblename, $description, array(), null);
+ public function __construct($name, $visiblename, $description, $defaultsetting = array()) {
+ parent::__construct($name, $visiblename, $description, $defaultsetting, null);

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