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<LI><B>tr - Turkish</B>, by M. Cüneyt Birkök,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>zh_cn - Chinese</B>, by Zhang Dexuan,
<LI><B>ar - Arabic</B>, by Ahmed Nabil,
+ <LI><B>sv - Swedish</B>, by Set Lonnert,, <A HREF=""></A>
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<H2>Release notes</H2>
+<H3> New in Moodle 1.0.8: </H3>
+<DT> Databases</DT>
+<DD> Moodle now has complete native support support for <B>PostgreSQL</B> databases.
+ A number of changes have been made to the code structure that will make it
+ fairly easy now to add full support for other database types.</DD>
+<DT> Languages </DT>
+<DD> Three big new languages have been added! Chinese (from Zhang Dexuan),
+ Arabic (from Ahmed Nabil) and Swedish (from Set Lonnert). Many thanks
+ to these guys. All other languages have also had updates and fixes since 1.0.7.</DD>
+<DT> Themes </DT>
+<DD> Theme support of CSS has been extended to give theme makers more control
+ over more of the Moodle web site.</DD>
+<DT> Layout</DT>
+<DD> A number of improvements have been in the layout (such as the forum posting
+ screen) to make it clearer, neater and smaller. Almost all text entry screens
+ now have specific help items alongside them (depending on the pedagogical
+ focus). The forums now have a quick search form available on every page.</DD>
+<DT> More ... </DT>
+<DD> ...</DD>
<H3> New in Moodle 1.0.7: </H3>
<DT> Simpler version numbers!</DT>

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