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@@ -92,9 +92,14 @@ <H3><A NAME="data"></A>4. Create a data directory</H3>
<p>Moodle will also need some space on your hard disk to store uploaded files,
such as course documents and user pictures.</p>
- <p>Create a directory for this purpose somewhere <B>away</B> from the web server
- documents directory (we don't want these files to be directly accessible from
- the web), and ensure that the web server software has permission to write
+ <p>Create a directory for this purpose somewhere. For security, it's best that
+ this directory is NOT accessible via the web. The easiest way to do this
+ is to simply locate it OUTSIDE the web directory, otherwise make sure it's well
+ protected with .htaccess security.
+ <p>So that Moodle can save uploaded files in this directory, make sure that
+ the web server software (eg Apache) has permission to write
to this directory. On Unix machines, this means setting the owner of the directory
to be something like &quot;nobody&quot; or &quot;apache&quot;.</p>
@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ <H2>Release notes</H2>
<LI> Character set in email now matches current language
<LI> User pictures are now uploaded even if other fields have errors
<LI> Submitted assignments were sometimes having their owner changed - fixed.
+ <LI> Admin can always log in regardless of external authentication
+ <LI> User log graphs are now translatable

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