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Merge branch 'wip-MDL-35833-stable24' of git://…

…odle into MOODLE_24_STABLE
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2 parents 3f89793 + 73dd2ee commit b09c5ac837a52746e40d42ca0d801f9d07b10976 @samhemelryk samhemelryk committed
Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 blocks/dock.js
  2. +2 −0 lang/en/block.php
  3. +1 −1 lib/outputrequirementslib.php
2 blocks/dock.js
@@ -936,7 +936,7 @@ M.core_dock.genericblock.prototype = {
}, this);
// Add a close icon
// Must set the image src seperatly of we get an error with XML strict headers
- var closeicon = Y.Node.create('<span class="hidepanelicon" tabindex="0"><img alt="" /></span>');
+ var closeicon = Y.Node.create('<span class="hidepanelicon" tabindex="0"><img alt="'+M.str.block.hidepanel+'" title="'+M.str.block.hidedockpanel+'" /></span>');'img').setAttribute('src', M.util.image_url('t/dockclose', 'moodle'));
closeicon.on('forceclose|click', this.hide, this);
closeicon.on('dock:actionkey',this.hide, this, {actions:{enter:true,toggle:true}});
2 lang/en/block.php
@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@
$string['defaultweight_help'] = 'The default weight allows you to choose roughly where you want the block to appear in the chosen region, either at the top or the bottom. The final location is calculated from all the blocks in that region (for example, only one block can actually be at the top). This value can be overridden on specific pages if required.';
$string['deletecheck'] = 'Delete {$a} block?';
$string['deleteblockcheck'] = 'Are you sure that you want to delete this block titled {$a}?';
+$string['hidedockpanel'] = 'Hide the dock panel';
+$string['hidepanel'] = 'Hide panel';
$string['moveblockhere'] = 'Move block here';
$string['movingthisblockcancel'] = 'Moving this block ({$a})';
$string['onthispage'] = 'On this page';
2 lib/outputrequirementslib.php
@@ -407,7 +407,7 @@ protected function find_module($component) {
$module = array('name' => 'core_dock',
'fullpath' => '/blocks/dock.js',
'requires' => array('base', 'node', 'event-custom', 'event-mouseenter', 'event-resize'),
- 'strings' => array(array('addtodock', 'block'),array('undockitem', 'block'),array('undockall', 'block'),array('thisdirectionvertical', 'langconfig')));
+ 'strings' => array(array('addtodock', 'block'),array('undockitem', 'block'),array('undockall', 'block'),array('thisdirectionvertical', 'langconfig'),array('hidedockpanel', 'block'),array('hidepanel', 'block')));
case 'core_message':
$module = array('name' => 'core_message',

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