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commit b14d76c59f31b80230110c79c19d8e2708650cf0 2 parents 8f93d94 + 872e445
@stronk7 stronk7 authored
2  question/type/match/lang/en/qtype_match.php
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
$string['addmoreqblanks'] = '{no} More Sets of Blanks';
$string['availablechoices'] = 'Available choices';
-$string['correctansweris'] = 'The correct answer is: {$a}.';
+$string['correctansweris'] = 'The correct answer is: {$a}';
$string['filloutthreeqsandtwoas'] = 'You must provide at least two questions and three answers. You can provide extra wrong answers by giving an answer with a blank question. Entries where both the question and the answer are blank will be ignored.';
$string['nomatchinganswer'] = 'You must specify an answer matching the question \'{$a}\'.';
$string['nomatchinganswerforq'] = 'You must specify an answer for this question.';
2  question/type/multichoice/lang/en/qtype_multichoice.php
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
$string['choiceno'] = 'Choice {$a}';
$string['choices'] = 'Available choices';
$string['clozeaid'] = 'Enter missing word';
-$string['correctansweris'] = 'The correct answer is: {$a}.';
+$string['correctansweris'] = 'The correct answer is: {$a}';
$string['correctfeedback'] = 'For any correct response';
$string['errgradesetanswerblank'] = 'Grade set, but the Answer is blank';
$string['errfractionsaddwrong'] = 'The positive grades you have chosen do not add up to 100%<br />Instead, they add up to {$a}%';
2  question/type/shortanswer/lang/en/qtype_shortanswer.php
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
$string['caseno'] = 'No, case is unimportant';
$string['casesensitive'] = 'Case sensitivity';
$string['caseyes'] = 'Yes, case must match';
-$string['correctansweris'] = 'The correct answer is: {$a}.';
+$string['correctansweris'] = 'The correct answer is: {$a}';
$string['correctanswers'] = 'Correct answers';
$string['filloutoneanswer'] = 'You must provide at least one possible answer. Answers left blank will not be used. \'*\' can be used as a wildcard to match any characters. The first matching answer will be used to determine the score and feedback.';
$string['notenoughanswers'] = 'This type of question requires at least {$a} answers';
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