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<LI><B>br - Portuguese (Brazilian)</B>, by Fabricio Valadares (
<LI><B>fi - Finnish</B>, by Petri Asikainen (
<LI><B>fr - French</B>, by Sebastien Nameche (
+ <LI><B>it - Italian</B>, by Davide Suraci (
<H3><BR>Other contributors</H3>
-<P>Thanks to all of you contributing ideas and code, especially Dustin Rue, James Miller, Matt Hope, Petri Asikainen, Sebastien Nameche ... and also:</P>
+<P>Thanks to all of you contributing ideas and code, including:
- <LI>everyone who contributes to the <A TARGET=_top HREF="">bug tracker</A>, and
+<LI>Petri Asikainen,
+<LI>Matt Hope,
+<LI>James Miller,
+<LI>Tom Murdock,
+<LI>Sebastien Nameche,
+<LI>Dustin Rue,
+<LI>Giovanni Tummarello,
+... and also:</P>
+ <LI>everyone else who contributes <A TARGET=_top HREF="">bug tracker</A>, and
<LI>everyone enrolled in the "<A TARGET=_top HREF="">Using Moodle</A>" course at</A>

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