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MDL-48946 Files: New custom description format_string call

The format_string call used when getting file type descriptions
does not specify a context. The page context is not always
available at this point, so for consistency it should specify
the system context.
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sammarshallou committed Jan 22, 2015
1 parent da0ef2e commit b3d7eb6ed4164033a5a225166fd1b2fb4daf31cd
Showing with 5 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +5 −2 lib/filelib.php
@@ -1667,8 +1667,11 @@ function get_mimetype_description($obj, $capitalise=false) {
$customdescription = mimeinfo('customdescription', $filename);
if ($customdescription) {
// Call format_string on the custom description so that multilang
// filter can be used (if enabled).
$result = format_string($customdescription);
// filter can be used (if enabled on system context). We use system
// context because it is possible that the page context might not have
// been defined yet.
$result = format_string($customdescription, true,
array('context' => context_system::instance()));
} else if (get_string_manager()->string_exists($safemimetype, 'mimetypes')) {
$result = get_string($safemimetype, 'mimetypes', (object)$a);
} else if (get_string_manager()->string_exists($safemimetypestr, 'mimetypes')) {

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