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lang string MDL-21218 small rewording

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commit b49c4720f35319739764f7cf3dee118490f9563a 1 parent 0db6ff6
@wildgirl wildgirl authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 lang/en_utf8/grades.php
4 lang/en_utf8/grades.php
@@ -277,8 +277,8 @@
$string['hidenooutcomes'] = 'Show outcomes';
$string['hidefeedback'] = 'Hide feedback';
$string['hideranges'] = 'Hide ranges';
-$string['hidetotalifhiddenitems'] = 'Hide totals if contain hidden items?';
-$string['hidetotalifhiddenitemsdescription'] = 'Hide totals if they contain one or more hidden items?';
+$string['hidetotalifhiddenitems'] = 'Hide totals if they contain hidden items';
+$string['hidetotalifhiddenitemsdescription'] = 'Whether totals which contain hidden grade items are shown to students (calculated either excluding or including hidden items) or replaced with a hyphen.';
$string['hidetotalshowexhiddenitems'] = 'Show totals excluding hidden items';
$string['hidetotalshowinchiddenitems'] = 'Show totals including hidden items';
$string['hideverbose'] = 'Hide $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';

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