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1 parent 425b774 commit b817ed450337178e5b4fbe4fd5491e52f5374bc2 ethem committed May 13, 2005
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9 lang/en/enrol_authorize.php
@@ -3,11 +3,14 @@
$string['anlogin'] = ' Login name';
-$string['anpassword'] = ' Password (not required)';
+$string['anpassword'] = ' Password (not required)';
+$string['anreferer'] = 'Set up referer URL if required. This sends Rererer: URL header in web request';
$string['antestmode'] = ' Test transactions';
$string['antrankey'] = ' Transaction Key';
-$string['ccexpire'] = 'Expiry Date';
-$string['ccno'] = 'Credit Card Number';
+$string['ccexpire'] = 'Expiry Date';
+$string['ccinvalid'] = 'Invalid card number';
+$string['ccno'] = 'Credit Card Number';
+$string['cctype'] = 'Credit Card Type';
$string['ccvv'] = 'CV2';
$string['ccvvhelp'] = 'Look at the back of card (last 3 digits)';
$string['description'] = 'The module allows you to set up paid courses via CC providers. If the cost for any course is zero, then students are not asked to pay for entry. There is a site-wide cost that you set here as a default for the whole site and then a course setting that you can set for each course individually. The course cost overrides the site cost.';

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