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Version history:
+- #75 set the child display list different when a gradient is set.
+- The clip property 'bufferLength' now accepts decimal values, for example bufferLength: 0.2
+- #121 XSS fix: Only load plugins and external config from the same domain as the player swf is loaded from
+- Made it possible to tab out of the player and into the HTML page using the keyboard alone.
+- Change links in the context menu and in the logos to point to
+- Pausing a live stream now leaves the video frame visible #81
+- Audio plugin is not loaded nor used when the the provider is set excplicitly in the clip to a non-audio value, for
+ example to 'http'
+- Allow playing another instream clip while already playing one. Issue #131
+- Fixed memory leaks related to repeatedly starting playback with the play() API method. #163
+- new clip event onMetadataChange, dispatched for example when switching bitrate
+- Shows logo in accelerated mode #20
+- mid-rolls freeze if multiple providers are used #42
+- onFire fired twice on replay #52
+- rtmp + hw accel + instream clips lose video, or aspect ratio #44
+- URL name parts containing semi-colons (;) should pass validation through linkUrl usage #53
+- cuepoints fired multiple times with the bitrateselect plugin #50
+- fix for dispatching onBegin in certain situations
+- if onStart has been dispatched already prevent dispatching many onBegin events
+- #15 fixes for #627, handle the display init on startup.
+- #615 dispatch begin if in paused mode too early.
+- #629 if start has been dispatched already prevent dispatching many begin events.
+- #20 for the free player swap the logo with the stage video mask to display underneath not on top.
+- #42 pass in stream clips through and close the stream before returning to the parent clip.
+- #52 when replaying flag start has dispatched on the current clip.
+- #44 fixes for #627 check if the stagevideo dimensions and positioning has changed to update the stage video mask with.
+- unbinding and binding stage video events caused issues with instream playlists therefore has to be kept binded.
+- unbinded stage video events during seeking to prevent the mask repositioning.
+- #53 update url filter to accomodate for pretty urls with semi colons.
+- #50 if we have metadata already set it is being updated during seeks and switching, dispatch metadata change events instead.
+- #614 when the clip ends if the next clip in the provider has a different provider close the provider stream.
+- #627 only detach / attach the display on start events which causes issues in buffering events after a seek in stagevideo.
+- #627 re-enable stagevideo state change listeners if stagevideo is available or detach the fullscreen events on first call.
+- #9 when replaying from stopping, connection does not receive callbacks anymore.
- Updated to automatically load the latest controls and audio plugins
+- #612 add some logging for the stagevideo render state to determine what mode the hardware acceleration is in for various systems.
+- #628 opera browsers do not return filesize correctly for latest flash players so require to use load completion instead which may help with gzipped files also.
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ Version history:
- #582 fixes for metadata events dispatching in playlists and when replaying same audio item, cleanup duration updating once download has completed,
fixes for clearing the previous cover image display.
- #611 close the channel and sound on stream not found errors.
+- #614 fixes for auto buffering issues where a sound channel may not be active yet.
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