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MDL-35564 - minor, "My Moodle" related (to block Course Overview) CSS…

… RTL UI fixes
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nadavkav committed Sep 21, 2012
1 parent b62ed9d commit b9889602aca0b39caa16b9febb170182ee78bf28
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@@ -312,8 +312,11 @@ input#id_externalurl {direction:ltr;}
* My Moodle
.path-my .coursebox .overview .name {margin-left:20px;}
+.dir-rtl .path-my .coursebox .overview .name {margin-right:20px;}
.path-my .coursebox .overview .info {margin-left:25px;}
+.dir-rtl .path-my .coursebox .overview .info {margin-right:25px;}
.path-my .coursebox .overview .details {margin-left:25px;}
+.dir-rtl .path-my .coursebox .overview .details {margin-right:25px;}
.path-my .coursebox .overview {margin-bottom:10px;}
.path-my .coursebox .info {float: none;}

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