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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
$string['auth_cas_version'] = 'Version of CAS';
$string['auth_cas_language'] = 'Selected language';
$string['auth_casdescription'] = 'This method uses a CAS server (Central Authentication Service) to authenticate users in a Single Sign On environment (SSO). You can also use a simple LDAP authentication. If the given username and password are valid according to CAS, Moodle creates a new user entry in its database, taking user attributes from LDAP if required. On following logins only the username and password are checked.';
-$string['auth_cas_use_cas'] = 'Turn this on if you want to use CAS authentication.';
+$string['auth_cas_enabled'] = 'Turn this on if you want to use CAS authentication.';
$string['auth_cas_text'] = 'Secure connection';
$string['auth_cas_create_user'] = 'Turn this on if you want to insert CAS-authenticated users in Moodle database. If not then only users who already exist in the Moodle database can log in.';
$string['auth_common_settings'] = 'Common settings';

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