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1 parent 1c081ac commit bc3a9fff9339c513133d68b53d0296d748091fc6 moodlerobot committed Jan 8, 2009
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@@ -304,8 +304,6 @@
$string['releasenoteslink'] = 'For information about this version of Moodle, please see the online <a target=\"_new\" href=\"$a\">Release Notes</a>';
$string['remotedownloadnotallowed'] = 'Download of components to your server isn\'t allowed (allow_url_fopen is disabled).<br /><br />You must download the <a href=\"$a->url\">$a->url</a> file manually, copy it to \"$a->dest\" in your server and unzip it there.';
$string['report'] = 'Report';
-$string['requiredentrieschanged'] = '<strong>IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ<br/>(This warning message will only be displayed during this upgrade)</strong><br/>Due to a bug fix, the behaviour of database activities using the \'Required entries\' and \'Required entries before viewing settings\' settings will change. A more detailed explaination of the changes can be read on <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">the database module forum</a>. The expected behavior of these settings can also be read on <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Moodle Docs</a>.
-<br/><br/>This change affects the following databases in your system: (Please save this list now, and after the upgrade, check that these activities still work the way that the teacher intends.)<br/><strong style=\"color:red\">$a->text</strong><br/>';
$string['restricted'] = 'Restricted';
$string['safemode'] = 'Safe Mode';
$string['safemodeerror'] = 'Moodle may have trouble with safe mode on';

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