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MDL-37514 module.js: fix .js for auto quiz submission in preview mode

The issue: when we attempt the quiz as teacher/admin and timer is up,
quiz is not submitted, even though "Open attempts are submitted
automatically" is set. I've changed the javascript for a timer,
responsible for submission, removing the special behaviour in case of
preview mode. Note, that when the admin/teacher is taking a quiz, the
"preview" mode is automatically switched on.

It is a bit strange, since in the javascript there was clearly no
expressed intention to really submit quiz in preview, even when timer
hits. It does not really seem like a accidental bug, rather it looks
like some misunderstanding. Worse still, it may happen that I did not
understand the intentions of previous editor and ruined some
functionality. Because of this, and the fact that this is my first bug,
I would like to ask about the peer review! Please, see my comments in
bug discussion for the testing steps.

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1 parent a745806 commit bd166e618fde47f34a28bb1c1319ea9f0d48893e @nailbiter nailbiter committed with danpoltawski Apr 20, 2013
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  1. +2 −8 mod/quiz/module.js
10 mod/quiz/module.js
@@ -95,14 +95,8 @@ M.mod_quiz.timer = {
update: function() {
var Y = M.mod_quiz.timer.Y;
var secondsleft = Math.floor((M.mod_quiz.timer.endtime - new Date().getTime())/1000);
- // If this is a preview and time expired, display timeleft 0 and don't renew the timer.
- if (M.mod_quiz.timer.preview && secondsleft < 0) {
- return;
- }
- // If time has expired, Set the hidden form field that says time has expired.
+ // If time has expired, set the hidden form field that says time has expired and submit
if (secondsleft < 0) {

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