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MDL-41446 Completion: Incorrectly marks complete when grade data pres…

…ent with no actual grade
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sammarshallou committed Sep 6, 2013
1 parent d883550 commit bd2d268d137292c8acb60661cf809bc0960176cc
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  1. +4 −1 lib/completionlib.php
@@ -1264,9 +1264,12 @@ public function inform_grade_changed($cm, $item, $grade, $deleted) {
* @return int Completion state e.g. COMPLETION_INCOMPLETE
public static function internal_get_grade_state($item, $grade) {
if (!$grade) {
// If no grade is supplied or the grade doesn't have an actual value, then
// this is not complete.
if (!$grade || (is_null($grade->finalgrade) && is_null($grade->rawgrade))) {
// Conditions to show pass/fail:
// a) Grade has pass mark (default is 0.00000 which is boolean true so be careful)
// b) Grade is visible (neither hidden nor hidden-until)

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