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For the overview report : MDL-14199 "Option to only show / export fin…

…al grade" small improvement to UI. Include highlighted message in the form about what the current grading method is. Some changes to lang strings for overview report settings form to indicate that options affect downloaded data as well as data shown on the screen.
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commit bef711f560d39663808b5796d1b6d3f7febd26f9 1 parent 50c68d0
jamiesensei authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 lang/en_utf8/quiz_overview.php
6 lang/en_utf8/quiz_overview.php
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
$string['attemptsprepage'] = 'Attempts shown per page';
$string['deleteselected'] = 'Delete selected attempts';
$string['highlightinggraded'] = 'The user attempt that contributes to final grade is highlighted.';
-$string['noattemptsonly'] = 'Show $a with no attempts only';
+$string['noattemptsonly'] = 'Show / download $a with no attempts only';
$string['onlyoneattemptallowed'] = 'Only one attempt per user allowed on this quiz.';
$string['optallattempts'] = 'all attempts';
$string['optallstudents'] = 'all \'$a\'';
@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@
$string['preferencespage'] = 'Preferences just for this page';
$string['preferencessave'] = 'Save preferences';
$string['preferencesuser'] = 'Your preferences for this report';
-$string['show'] = 'Show';
+$string['show'] = 'Show / download';
$string['showinggraded'] = 'Showing only the attempt graded for each user.';
$string['showinggradedandungraded'] = 'Showing graded and ungraded attempts for each user. The one attempt for each user that is graded is highlighted. The grading method for this quiz is $a.';
-$string['showdetailedmarks'] = 'Show marks for each question';
+$string['showdetailedmarks'] = 'Show / download marks for each question';
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