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MDL-32985 cron: Fixing related problem with setting of lastnotifyfailure

Because of a flaw in the logic, lastnotifyfailure was not set unless
there was a failure. This means that after 1 hour of no failures, the
function would execute every cron cycle, which has a pretty high cost
on large sites.
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1 parent c2cf907 commit bfe1d304442450165cae6baf579f686e48c703e9 @merrill-oakland merrill-oakland committed Jun 6, 2012
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  1. +3 −3 lib/moodlelib.php
6 lib/moodlelib.php
@@ -8244,11 +8244,11 @@ function notify_login_failures() {
//emailing the admins directly rather than putting these through the messaging system
email_to_user($admin,get_admin(), $subject, $body);
- /// Update lastnotifyfailure with current time
- set_config('lastnotifyfailure', time());
+ // Update lastnotifyfailure with current time.
+ set_config('lastnotifyfailure', time());
/// Finally, delete all the temp records we have created in cache_flags
$DB->delete_records_select('cache_flags', "flagtype IN ('login_failure_by_ip', 'login_failure_by_info')");

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