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phoenixfr committed Mar 9, 2005
1 parent 426e2aa commit c220c8d8a584344d4d75dcfba157fa101a9dbd14
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@@ -2,6 +2,16 @@
// auth.php - created with Moodle 1.5 UNSTABLE DEVELOPMENT (2005010100)
+$string['auth_castitle'] = 'Use a CAS server (SSO)';
+$string['auth_cas_hostname'] = 'Hostname of the CAS sever <br>ex:';
+$string['auth_cas_baseuri'] = 'URI of the server (nothing if no baseUri)<br>ex: if the CAS server respond to then<br>cas_baseuri = CAS/';
+$string['auth_cas_port'] = 'Port of the CAS server';
+$string['auth_cas_version'] = 'Version of CAS';
+$string['auth_cas_language'] = 'Selected language';
+$string['auth_casdescription'] = 'This method is usind a CAS server(Central Authentication Service) to connect to Moodle with SSO (Single Sign On). You can altho use a simple LDAP authenticatio. If the given username and password are valid, Moodle creates a new user entry in its database if you want to. This module can read user attributes from LDAP and prefill wanted fields in Moodle. For following logins only the username and password are checked.';
+$string['auth_cas_use_cas'] = 'Check here if you want to use the CAS authentication.';
+$string['auth_cas_text'] = 'Securised connection';
+$string['auth_cas_create_user'] = 'Check here if you want to insert authentified users in Moodle database. If not, they won\'t be connected to Moodle if they are not in the Moodle database. You can use this function when extraction form LDAP is to complex and need an external script to do.';
$string['auth_common_settings'] = 'Common settings';
$string['auth_data_mapping'] = 'Data mapping';
$string['auth_dbdescription'] = 'This method uses an external database table to check whether a given username and password is valid. If the account is a new one, then information from other fields may also be copied across into Moodle.';
@@ -113,4 +123,4 @@
$string['stdchangepassword_expl'] = 'If the external authentication system allows password changes through Moodle, switch this to Yes. This setting overrides \'Change Password URL\'.';
$string['stdchangepassword_explldap'] = 'NOTE: It is recommended that you use LDAP over an SSL encrypted tunnel (ldaps://) if the LDAP server is remote.';

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