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Fixed inline comments (I had tried a couple of schemes).

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1 parent a3f293d commit c646b180327e5c926b8ba9f52357741be601a81a moodler committed Jan 26, 2005
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4 theme/standard/config.php
@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@
/// filenames from the *STANDARD* theme. If the
/// array exists, it will be used to choose the
/// files to include in the standard style sheet.
-/// When false or non-existent, then no files are used.
-/// When true, then ALL standard files are used.
+/// When false, then no files are used.
+/// When true or NON-EXISTENT, then ALL standard files are used.
/// This parameter can be used, for example, to prevent
/// having to override too many classes.
/// Note that the trailing .css should not be included

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