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MDL-37935: Cache - fix spelling mistake in language string

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1 parent c23f9ef commit c694545650e56b843ebb92ecac781bf89f66fa7f @damyon damyon committed Mar 5, 2013
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2 lang/en/cache.php
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@
$string['storeperformance'] = 'Cache store performance reporting - {$a} unique requests per operation.';
$string['storeready'] = 'Ready';
$string['storenotready'] = 'Store not ready';
-$string['storerequiresattention'] = 'Requries attention.';
+$string['storerequiresattention'] = 'Requires attention.';
$string['storerequiresattention_help'] = 'This store instance is not ready to be used but has mappings. Fixing this issue will improve performance on your system. Please check that the store backend is ready to be used and that any PHP requirements are met.';
$string['storeresults_application'] = 'Store requests when used as an application cache.';
$string['storeresults_request'] = 'Store requests when used as a request cache.';

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