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@@ -20,26 +20,35 @@ <H3> New in Moodle 1.0.7: </H3>
<DT> Languages</DT>
<DD> Two completely new languages have been added: Indonesian (from Arfan Hidayat)
- and Japanese (from Mitsuhiro Yoshida). Other languages contain some updates.</DD>
+ and Japanese (from Mitsuhiro Yoshida). A US English version was added too.
+ Most other languages contain some updates. All languages now contain locale
+ information, which means that when a user changes the language all the dates
+ will display properly too.</DD>
<DT> Database access</DT>
<DD> ADOdb was upgraded to 2.50 which should fix some problems with very
new versions of PHP (4.3.0).</DD>
<DT> Layout improvements</DT>
<DD> Cleaned up the display of "side boxes" and added CSS style control over
- more elements on the site and course pages. The interface when
+ more elements on the site and course pages. You may need to upgrade
+ your custom themes to get the full effect. Changes are in styles.php,
+ config.php and one line in header.html.
+ <P>The interface when
courses are on front page and there is more than one category has
- been improved (no longer just shows short course names).
+ been improved (no longer just shows short course names).</P>
<DT> Class interface</DT>
<DD> A wrapper file provides a class interface to main Moodle library
(for external programs interfacing to Moodle) - moodle/lib/makeclass.php</DD>
-<DT> Bug fixes</DT>
+<DT> Small improvements and bug fixes</DT>
+ <LI> Quizzes now have a confirmation dialog when submitting an attempt
+ <LI> Courses now default to having "show recent activity" on (again).
<LI> Abolished leading zeroes in dates (introduced in last release)
<LI> Some formatting fixes for Japanese and old Netscape browsers
<LI> Teacher can allow larger assignments to be uploaded

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