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ideas, he likes to defend his own ideas, using logic to find holes in his
opponent's ideas. He is critical of new ideas unless they are proven facts
from reputable sources such as textbooks, respected teachers or his own direct
- experience. Jim is a very <strong>separate knower</strong>.<br>
+ experience. Jim is a very <strong>separate knower</strong>.<br><br>
<li>Mary is more sensitive to other people. She is skilled at empathy and tends
to listen and ask questions until she feels she can connect and &quot;understand
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very connected may post a very separate-sounding message, and vice versa. The
purpose of rating each post using this scale is to:</p>
- <p>a) help you think about these issues when reading other people's posts<br>
+ <p>a) help you think about these issues when reading other posts<br>
b) provide feedback to each author on how they are being seen by others</p>
<p>The results are not used towards student assessment in any way, they are just

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