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David Monllao committed Jun 19, 2018
2 parents ec4d05c + df24fb7 commit c85a382
Showing 1 changed file with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
8 changes: 4 additions & 4 deletions grade/edit/tree/index.php
Expand Up @@ -274,13 +274,13 @@
if ($moving) {
echo $OUTPUT->single_button(new moodle_url('index.php', array('id'=>$course->id)), get_string('cancel'), 'get');
} else {
echo $OUTPUT->single_button(new moodle_url('category.php', array('courseid'=>$course->id)), get_string('addcategory', 'grades'), 'get');
echo $OUTPUT->single_button(new moodle_url('item.php', array('courseid'=>$course->id)), get_string('additem', 'grades'), 'get');

echo $OUTPUT->single_button(new moodle_url('item.php', array('courseid' => $course->id)), get_string('additem',
'grades'), 'get');
if (!empty($CFG->enableoutcomes)) {
echo $OUTPUT->single_button(new moodle_url('outcomeitem.php', array('courseid'=>$course->id)), get_string('addoutcomeitem', 'grades'), 'get');

echo $OUTPUT->single_button(new moodle_url('category.php', array('courseid' => $course->id)), get_string('addcategory',
'grades'), 'get');
//echo $OUTPUT->(new moodle_url('index.php', array('id'=>$course->id, 'action'=>'autosort')), get_string('autosort', 'grades'), 'get');

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