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MDL-17821 - fix incorrect data validation regexs for 2004. thanks Pet…

…er Chamberlin. backport to 1.8. fix typing error on patch.
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1 parent bec2148 commit c97c2b4ae93f3808e56b46981e2d7a2a9107c078 piers committed Jan 28, 2009
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 mod/scorm/datamodels/scorm_13.js.php
2 mod/scorm/datamodels/scorm_13.js.php
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ function SCORMapi1_3() {
'tam':'tam', 'tel':'tel', 'tgk':'tgk', 'tha':'tha', 'tir':'tir', 'tuk':'tuk', 'tgl':'tgl', 'tsn':'tsn', 'ton':'ton', 'tur':'tur', 'tso':'tso', 'tat':'tat', 'twi':'twi', 'tah':'tah',
'uig':'uig', 'ukr':'ukr', 'urd':'urd', 'uzb':'uzb', 'ven':'ven', 'vie':'vie', 'vol':'vol', 'wln':'wln', 'wol':'wol', 'xho':'xho', 'yid':'yid', 'yor':'yor', 'zha':'zha', 'chi':'chi', 'zho':'zho', 'zul':'zul'};
- var CMIString200 = '^[\\u0000-\\uFFFF]{0,200}$$';
+ var CMIString200 = '^[\\u0000-\\uFFFF]{0,200}$';
var CMIString250 = '^[\\u0000-\\uFFFF]{0,250}$';
var CMIString1000 = '^[\\u0000-\\uFFFF]{0,1000}$';
var CMIString4000 = '^[\\u0000-\\uFFFF]{0,4000}$';

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