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MDL-34290 repository API: allow get_file_by_reference return only fil…


we want to allow repositories to perform quick synchronisation, without downloading the file. In this case they return
only filesize, without the contenthash
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marinaglancy committed Jul 31, 2012
1 parent 3af509d commit c9fa5b1c05d76695f5be96f2ab23d12d21017030
Showing with 36 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +36 −12 repository/lib.php
@@ -1213,14 +1213,27 @@ public function cache_file_by_reference($reference, $storedfile) {
* Returns information about file in this repository by reference
* {@link repository::get_file_reference()}
* {@link repository::get_file()}
* Returns null if file not found or is not readable
* This function must be implemented for repositories supporting FILE_REFERENCE, it is called
* for existing aliases when the lifetime of the previous syncronisation has expired.
* Returns null if file not found or is not readable or timeout occured during request.
* Note that this function may be run for EACH file that needs to be synchronised at the
* moment. If anything is being downloaded or requested from external sources there
* should be a small timeout. The synchronisation is performed to update the size of
* the file and/or to update image and re-generated image preview. There is nothing
* fatal if syncronisation fails but it is fatal if syncronisation takes too long
* and hangs the script generating a page.
* @param stdClass $reference file reference db record
* If get_file_by_reference() returns filesize just the record in {files} table is being updated.
* If filepath, handle or content are returned - the file is also stored in moodle filepool
* (recommended for images to generate the thumbnails). For non-image files it is not
* recommended to download them to moodle during syncronisation since it may take
* unnecessary long time.
* @param stdClass $reference record from DB table {files_reference}
* @return stdClass|null contains one of the following:
* - 'contenthash' and 'filesize'
* - 'filesize' and optionally 'contenthash'
* - 'filepath'
* - 'handle'
* - 'content'
@@ -2257,7 +2270,7 @@ public static function reset_caches() {
* Call to request proxy file sync with repository source.
* Performs synchronisation of reference to an external file if the previous one has expired.
* @param stored_file $file
* @param bool $resetsynchistory whether to reset all history of sync (used by phpunit)
@@ -2300,20 +2313,31 @@ public static function sync_external_file($file, $resetsynchistory = false) {
return false;
$lifetime = $repository->get_reference_file_lifetime($reference);
$fileinfo = $repository->get_file_by_reference($reference);
if ($fileinfo === null) {
// does not exist any more - set status to missing
//TODO: purge content from pool if we set some other content hash and it is no used any more
$synchronized[$file->get_id()] = true;
return true;
$contenthash = null;
$filesize = null;
if (!empty($fileinfo->contenthash)) {
// contenthash returned, file already in moodle
$contenthash = $fileinfo->contenthash;
if (!empty($fileinfo->filesize)) {
// filesize returned
if (!empty($fileinfo->contenthash) && $fs->content_exists($fileinfo->contenthash)) {
// contenthash is specified and valid
$contenthash = $fileinfo->contenthash;
} else if ($fileinfo->filesize == $file->get_filesize()) {
// we don't know the new contenthash but the filesize did not change,
// assume the contenthash did not change either
$contenthash = $file->get_contenthash();
} else {
// we can't save empty contenthash so generate contenthash from empty string
$contenthash = sha1('');
$filesize = $fileinfo->filesize;
} else if (!empty($fileinfo->filepath)) {
// File path returned
@@ -2336,7 +2360,7 @@ public static function sync_external_file($file, $resetsynchistory = false) {
// update files table
$file->set_synchronized($contenthash, $filesize);
$file->set_synchronized($contenthash, $filesize, 0, $lifetime);
$synchronized[$file->get_id()] = true;
return true;

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