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CVS; admin.php dialogue.php lesson.php

CVS;algebra.php                  docs                mediaplugin.php
CVS;appointment.php              editor.php          moodle.php
CVS;assignment.php               emailprotect.php    multilang.php
CVS;attendance.php               enrol_database.php  pix.php
CVS;auth.php                     enrol_flatfile.php  questionnaire.php
CVS;block_course_list.php        enrol_internal.php  quiz.php
CVS;block_course_summary.php     enrol_ldap.php      README
CVS;block_online_users.php       enrol_paypal.php    README.txt
CVS;block_rss_client.php         error.php           resource.php
CVS;block_section_links.php      event.php           scheduler.php
CVS;block_social_activities.php  exercise.php        scorm.php
CVS;book.php                     fonts               survey.php
CVS;calendar.php                 forum.php           tex.php
CVS;censor.php                   glossary.php        text.html
CVS;chatarea.php                 help                webquest.php
CVS;chat.php                     hotpot.php          wiki.php
CVS;choice.php                   install.php         workshop.php
CVS;countries.php                journal.php
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